Costa Rica VIP - Luxus Immobilien in Costa Rica
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Our plots are about 200 meters above sea level, right next to the pacific ocean. Perfectly arranged. Perfectly located on a hill, you have the best view over the Pacific. The earthworks have been completed.

Costa Rica VIP - Luxus Immobilien in Costa Rica

B1: 169.000,- US$   B2: 169.000,- US$   B3: 159.000,- US$
B4: 139.000,- US$   B5: 149.000,- US$   B6: 149.000,- US$
B7: 129.000,- US$   B8: 129.000,- US$   B9: 129.000,- US$

A cool sea breeze makes a living in Costa Rica – 365 days a year. Ensure yourself a spot in the sun, whether to make an investment, a retirement home or just to escape the cold and long winter in Europe.

Plots B1 - B9:
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Wolfgang Hüttner Oberrotte 62 A-9963 Sankt Jakob Tel: 0049 176 1999 0000 E-Mail: