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Costa Rica VIP - Luxus Immobilien in Costa Rica

Price and quality comparison vs. Florida. Costa Rica
We compare each 2 villas with own size and location / proximity and sight / view of the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific.

Purchase price of the same property at approx 250 sqm floor area:

In Costa Rica, however, while uniquely providing much more stability and more solid construction from real wood for doors and beams like real clay roof tiles. Everything is comparable to the European construction. No plasterboard construction with stud framing. All internal, such es exterior walls are made of brick, european roof structure, real stone facades and pillars, no foam elements which are common in Florida. The general building codes are much more rigorous in Costa Rica which effects the quality of foundations, floor stabs, walls and structural analysis as well as materials.

• Florida: at the Golf of Mexico about $ 1.8 – 2.8 Million
• Costa Rica: Projekt Hacienda Techo del Mundo: $ 650 000.00 – $ 850 000.00

Comparable properties in Santa Teresa are being offered  for $ 1.5 to $ 2.0 million, with less quality.

Service life of a house:
Information provided by the builder, general benchmarks and official statistics
• Florida: 30 years
• Costa Rica: 60 years

Annual property tax
• Florida: $ 15.000 –  $ 25.000
• Costa Rica: $ 1.500 û 2.500

Annual Charges:
Wake up service, pool service, pests removal, property management, Internet TV and phone line rental etc.:

Florida:  about. $ 12.000
• Costa Rica: $ 5.800
(The additional costs to our facility will be a total of about $ 2.500. Included are all costs for services of the caretaker family, which is hired locally. The cost per party are $ 100 per month)

Annual insurance:
• Florida:
about $ 3.500 – $ 5.000
• Costa Rica: about $ 1.500 – $ 2.000

• Florida: 13 cent / kWh
• Costa Rica: about  5.5 cent / kWh

Domestic Staff, Housekeeper, Handyman:
• Florida: about $ 25 per hour
• Costa Rica: about $ 7 per hour

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